No Nife Hogs



Economical size reduction in the No-Nife Hog is the first important step for bark and wood waste whether the product is to be sold, manufactured into secondary products, or used as fuel in modern boilers.

The hogged product can be sold for garden mulch, animal bedding, and litter. Or it can be used in the manufacture of particle board and fireplace logs. In the pulp industry, Williams No-Nife Hogs are extensively used to reduce bark and broken pulpwood following drum, hydraulic, steam, or mechanical debarkers.

These features make Williams No-Nife Hogs the industry standard:

  • Liners Interior surfaces are protected with thick, easily replaceable liners to assure long service and to protect the frame.
  • Cage Bars Williams No-Nife Hogs are equipped with advanced design cage bars. Where product requirements change, the cage can be field modified without the need for special tools. Cast grid sections can be supplied, or where fine product is desired, perforated metal cages are available.

  • Tramp Metal Trap Standard on all No-Nife Hogs, the advanced design of the metal trap helps reduce damage due to uncrushables.
  • Frame Welded of steel. Superior rotor support and resistance to shock is provided by heavy rolled plat and welded structural shapes. Access section is completely removable without disturbing feed hopper or hood.
  • Breaker Plate Massive manganese steel members. Externally adjustable design is available to optimize hogging action and compensate for wear. Hammers Massive, heat-treated SMO alloy hammers are furnished as standard.
  • Hammers Massive, heat treated SMO alloy hammers are furnished as standard.
  • Shaft Turned from alloy steel forgings, normalized and tempered. Shafts are oversized to reduce vibration.
  • Bearings To ensure long rotor life, heavy-duty, self-aligning, double row, spherical roller bearings are furnished mounted in sealed housings.
  • Hammer Bolts High tensile, heat-treated, alloy steel bolts are surface hardened for resistance to wear.

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