- Model Z2 - Tagging System



Z Tags have long been known for their unsurpassed readability and durability. And the new Z2 No-Tear Tags™ are no exception. Whether you choose laser-printed or blank tags with our special marker, you can rest assured your Z Tags will remain readable for years to come. In fact, our laser-printed tags are guaranteed readable for the life of the animal. And unlike some brittle two-piece tags, new Z2 No-Tear Tags™ feature flexible polyurethane panels that bend without breaking. So they won’t snap off when the weather turns cold or your cattle get tangled up in fencing, baler twine or thick brush.

Promotes faster healing and improved tag retention

It’s a proven fact that faster healing of the insertion site means improved tag retention. And that’s where the new Z2 No-Tear Tagger™ really shines.

Available in a wide range of sizes and colors

Our new Z2 No-Tear tags come in three different sizes and your choice of 14 fade-resistant colors:

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