Noble Blade


Over sixty years of research and development has gone into the Agri-Tech Noble Blade Cultivators.The blade plow makes a horizontal cut under the surface with only minimal disturbance to the trash cover. The stubble shelters the soil from wind and dryness, soaking up rain and slowing down evaporation. 90% of crop residue is left on top of the ground with each pass.
Undercutting disrupts capillary action, keeping moisture where it belongs, in the ground. At the same time, it slices the taproots of weeds and leaves them starved for moisture. This is especially beneficial considering the increasing costs of chemical weed control today.
Decaying crop residue on the surface supplies nutrients and organic matter to the seed bed.  Blade plowing over the years steadily increases soil tilth and improves moisture retention. The Agri-Tech Blade Cultivator provides all of the advantages of zero till, but with the added benefits of a cultivated seed bed.

Conserve Soil and Moisture
•     Retain 90% trash cover
•     Reduce moisture loss and soil erosion
•     Control Weeds
•     Easy to level, easy to transport
•     Rigid, shear, or spring trip
•     Optional Coulters and cast weights
•     Available in sizes 25' to 59'

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