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Grapple Loaders are efficient and strongly built equipment for use all year round. Due to many available mounting alternatives, wide ranges of accessories and versatile operating features, the Nokka grapple loaders are well suited for various loading and lifting tasks on different kinds of base machines.

The Nokka grapple loaders are numbered the following way. The first two numbers of the four-digit model number show the gross lifting moment in kNm. The two last ones mark the reach in decimeters. The most central features describing the performance of a Nokka grapple loader are its lifting capacity, range of movement and reach. In terms of the gross lifting moment, the whole loader range features eleven sizes and a total of sixteen different loader models: 2752, 3467, 3567, 3654, 3868, 4469, 4472, 4970, 4976, 5070, 5076, 5269, 5282, 5482, 6168 and 6184.

The maximum lifting pressure ranges from 145 to 182 bar depending on model. The loader features and structures are carefully designed and professionally built, without just increasing the working pressures to obtain higher lifting values. It is important that the hydraulics system of the tractor is not overcharged by the loader. If the hydraulics of the tractor is inadequate, a separate hydraulic system can be mounted on every loader and trailer model.

Common with all Nokka models is that their structure and properties are carefully designed in order to maintain the lifting capacity at the same level at different boom heights. This is particularly important when loading timber onto the forest trailer over the poles. The wide-angle joint featured in every loader model, enables wide movements and great folding and unfolding strength of the boom. After selecting the loader model one can either select a 3-point or a plate mounting. From the 52-range down, a plate-mounted loader can also be equipped with a so called 3-point plate adaptor and linked through a 3-point coupling either to the mounting device or the drawbar of the trailer. With model-specific adaptors, a Nokka loader with a 3-point or plate adapter can be attached to the tractor frame. The 3-point mounting allows for more mounting alternatives than the plate mounting.

Four different quality valve systems are available for all Nokka loaders;

  1. A mechanical valve block (STD)
  2. An electric 2-lever valve block (HE)
  3. A hydraulic pre-controlled valve block (HR)
  4. An all electric proportional valve block (HP)

There are two different types of supporting legs available: specially arched fold-down supporting legs and the telescopic legs.

In addition to log handling the Nokka grapple loaders can be used for many other lifting and loading applications.

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