Nokka Oy

- Model JK 200 Std - Skidding Grapples



Nokka Skidding Grapple gets your timber moving.Nokka skidding grapple JK 200 Standard is ideal for thinning and collecting felled and lopped poles for firewood. The releasing joint makes log grabbing handy. Grapples large opening, and the sufficient distance from slewing joint, allows transporting of even large bunches of timber. Sturdy and sealed hauling device can also be used to trim the end of trunks. All grapples joints are pivoted. JK 200 Std features mechanical locking of the articulated frame, which can be controlled from the cab. Hydraulic control of the swivelling joint is available as an option. Nokka skidding grapple, together with tractors hydraulic push rod, is handy and inexpensive forestry tool also when piling timber in high stacks.

  • Grapple cylinder 50 / 35 mm
  • Cylinders compression force 31 kN (3 100 kg) / 160 bar
  • Max. opening 2 000 mm
  • Distance from swivel joints 1 200 mm
  • Weight 250 kg
  • Double-acting slewing cylinder as an option

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