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Non-Protected Fats

Immediately post calving the demands on energy reserves are high and appetite is low.  Energy requirements remain high, particularly during the first 100 – 120 days of lactation.  This can result in cows milking 'off their backs'. Conventional energy sources such as cereals do not have sufficient 'energy density' to fulfill the cows dietary requirements in early or mid lactation and that’s where Fats have an important role to play. Fat supplements can generally be divided into two groups: Non-Protected,  and Protected.

Non-Protected Fats are digested mainly within the rumen, whereas Protected Fats 'by pass' the rumen and are digested in the 3rd and 4th 'stomachs'.

The choice of whether to use protected or non-protected fats will depend on many factors including ration density, milk yields and dry matter intake (DMI), etc.

Dairy Direct offers a range of non-protected fats. These products have been formulated for specific applications, eg: increase butterfats, increase yield and raise milk  proteins, etc

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