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The NORAC Boom Height Control system uses ultrasonic sensors mounted on the left, right and center sections, to automatically maintain a preset height of the entire boom above the ground or crop.

More Efficient Use of Chemicals
NORAC Boom Height Control systems maintain the boom at a preset height by monitoring field contours and making responsive boom adjustments. Maintaining spray nozzles at the recommended spray tip height allows chemical to be applied using an optimum spray pattern providing even application and reducing drift.

Reduce Stress and Avoid Boom Damage
NORAC Boom Height Control reduces the need for the operator to move their head back and forth to monitor changes in field terrain, thereby reducing stress and fatigue. This allows the operator to focus on machine operation and safety.

Spray Day or Night
NORAC’s ultrasonic sensors do not need light to measure boom height. Take advantage of favorable spraying conditions by extending working hours with the ability to spray any time.

Fast and Reliable
For farm operators and custom applicators, speed can have a major impact on the bottom line. Manual operation of a sprayer in uneven field terrain may require reduced operating speeds for continual boom adjustments. Using ultrasonic sensor data, NORAC’s Boom Height Control systems makes responsive height adjustments allowing booms to automatically follow the contours of the land.

Smart Sensors
Ultrasonic sensor hardware and software is designed by NORAC specifically for height control applications. The ultrasonic signals can distinguish the difference between the ground and standing crop or field residue. Boom height is controlled by choosing Soil Mode (senses the soil surface), Crop Mode (senses the top of the crop), or Hybrid Mode (patented technology that calculates a “virtual top of crop” for more accurate control).

Accurate, Smooth Control
Most NORAC Boom Height Control systems use NORAC-supplied proportional valves to ensure that boom height corrections are smooth, even, and automatic.

Roll Compensation
NORAC Boom Height Control systems allow for effective boom height control without altering the boom from its original engineered design. Most NORAC Boom Height Control systems use Roll Control technology to monitor and compensate for boom center section roll; therefore contributing to boom stability.

Warranty and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
All NORAC Boom Height Control systems are backed by a comprehensive one year warranty. NORAC is the only company that offers a 30 Day “100% satisfaction or your money back” guarantee on aftermarket purchases.

  • Provides the operator with a level of performance not provided from current height controllers on the market.
  • Most useful when spraying in crop and when there are difficult conditions such as washed out areas, thin or lodged crop, or wheel tracks.
  • Hybrid Mode results in stable and reliable height control in all crop conditions.
  • Combines the function provided by the two operating modes, Soil Mode and Crop Mode by tracking both the soil surface and crop canopy simultaneously. If the crop canopy is not continuous, Hybrid Mode will track the soil surface and determine a continuous “virtual” crop canopy as an operator would expect in these crop conditions.

Intuitive User Interface

  • Automatically maintains a preset height above the ground or crop using Soil Mode, Crop Mode, or Hybrid Mode
  • Adjust spray nozzle height on-the-go with the push of a button
  • Shows the height that the nozzle tips are from either the top of the crop or the soil
  • May override using existing in-cab controls
  • Quick and easy to use with NORAC’s automated setup and user-friendly interface
  • Additional features such as Headland Assist, Terrain Assist, Double Tap to Engage Auto, and Tips ON/OFF are available on some sprayer models

Proportional Valves

  • A separate NORAC-designed proportional valve is used for each wing to ensure smooth independent hydraulic control
  • Automatic oil temperature monitoring and compensation for superior performance
  • Load sensing and open center models are available not offered in Standard Control

Optional Proportional Main Lift
The addition of proportional main lift is also available on some models

Optional Severe Terrain Package
This option adds a second sensor to each wing that is mounted halfway down the length of each boom. This option is recommended in the following situations:

  • Boom lengths longer than 90 ft. (27 m)
  • Land with sharp knolls such as terraces and ditches

This package includes two ultrasonic sensors with brackets and all required cables and hardware.

Rugged, Reliable Non-Contact Ultrasonic Sensors and Brackets

  • Rugged aluminum ultrasonic sensors are designed by NORAC specifically for agricultural applications
  • Internal electronics are epoxy sealed to prevent moisture damage
  • Capable of sensing changes in height to the nearest half inch (1.25 cm)
  • Sensors are able to distinguish four different targets simultaneously including differentiating ground surface from standing crop or field residue
  • Breakaway or low profile brackets are used to mount the ultrasonic sensors to the boom

Max Sensing, Roll Sensors & Position Sensors
Various roll sensing technologies are used to measure boom dynamics. This enables the system to predict the effects of center section and chassis roll on boom height and compensate for it. The technology manages boom stability by preventing one boom’s action from affecting the other and allows the boom roll suspension to perform as designed without interference.

Optional Active Control Technologies (Currently available for a variety of sprayer models)
The addition of an Active Control Technology enables the sprayer to go over severe terrain by actively rolling the center section or simulating roll in the center section, as well as controlling wing lift. Spray height is maintained, even in the most severe conditions.

These packages commonly include a valve assembly, hydraulic cylinder, and all required cables, hoses, and hardware.

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