- Digital Seed Counter

Total seeds to be counted: Max 99999 Maximum grains size to be counted (Max Diameter is 1 mm to 15 mm) Sensitivity adjustment 2 levels Display: Alphanumeric LCD 2 line display Silent operation and small footprint Digital Seed Counter manufacturers - Nordic Scientific exporters, suppliers of Digital Automatic Seed Counter Sweden, European Digital Seed Counter,Digital Seed Counters manufacturer, wholesale Digital Automatic Seed Counter suppliers, Digital Seed Counter, Digital Automatic Seed Counter, Digital Seed Counters Counting speed: 35 to 300 grains/ Min Net weight: 8 Kgs Power supply: 220 Volts, 50 Hz Operating Mechanism: The Electromagnetic vibratory action to moves the seeds upward along the track. As a seed travels down the chute, it is detected by a electronic photo sensor.

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