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NoroGard coater-mixers come in a range of standard machine sizes with capacities up to 50 tons/hour. Selection is determined by the application, product characteristics, batch size and throughput requirements. In addition to the optional extras available, we are pleased to discuss and incorporate special requirements for your process. The NoroGard R800 has a volume capacity of 10-100 liters per batch. The NoroGard seed treaters can be equipped to meet every costumers need for dressing, incrustation, coating and pelleting of seeds more than 2 mm in diameter. The control system can build up to 99 individual recipes.

1. Manual Batch treater.

The manual machines are as a standard without scale. Feeding is carried out manually. Also the discharge takes place by manually opening the discharge gate.

2. Semi automatic controlled Batch treater (PLC assisted):

The semi automatic control system has the following features:

  • Scale: The size of the batch can be varied.
  • The speed of rotor and spinning cup can be varied. Mixing:The mixing time (in sec.) can be varied.
  • The opening time of the outlet-hatch is constant. Dosage:The pumping time (in sec.) for the dosing pump can be set.The pump-capacity can be varied (peristaltic pump).Calibration is made by moving the dosage hose to a separate measuring glass. When the settings and calibrations are made, the machine run continuously.

3. Fully automated control system:
The fully automated system has the same features as the Semi-automated system, but also;

  • automatic calibration of dosage rates for both liquids and powders
  • continuous control of dosage rates
  • more options like modem for connection to our service dept, connection from a computer to the machine via an internet-protocol, connection of printer to make printouts of statistics

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