- Portable Bin Sweeps



If versatility is what you're after, Norstar manufactures a complete line of portable bin sweeps. Designed to be moved from bin to bin, Norstar portable sweeps help maximize your time while requiring less manpower. Portable sweeps are available in 5 1/4', 7 1/4', and 9' models.

  • 5¼”, 7¼” and 9″ sweeps available
  • Easily moved from bin to bin
  • Electric or hydraulic
  • Designed to complete the unloading process of your grain bin after gravity flow of the grain has stopped
  • After gravity flow has stopped, carry bin sweep into grain bin and slip pivot pin in centre hopper receptacle, bin sweep will lay on the grain at the angle the grain has stopped flowing
  • To operate sweep start motor on power head first and then bin sweep from outside of bin and sweep will work its way down to the floor
  • Once it reaches floor level, a wheel on the end propels the sweep into the grain

Caution – do not enter bin when equipment is operating

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