- Small Bucket Elevator



Norstar Bucket Elevators are a quick, yet gentle way to elevate commodities to your bin, tractor trailer, grain dryer, etc. Norstar's rugged twin trunk design with laser aligned flanges and jigging, coupled with top quality belts and cups, ensure easy assembly, long life and efficient use. Norstar's small bucket elevators feature capacities from 100 to 2,000 bushels per hour, double-ply Goodyear belting, and a DODGE Tigear 2 Worm-Style gearbox.

  • Bushel per hour range of 100 to 2,000
  • Dodge Tigear-2 Worm-Style Gearbox
  • Double Ply Goodyear Belting
  • Powder-Coating Finish
  • Custom Elevator Colours
  • UHMW Shaft Seal

  • Low impact design
  • Split hood design for easy access and serviceability
  • Crowned Head Pulley with vulcanized rubber
  • Pillow-block Ball Bearings

  • 3D CAD designed and assembled
  • Belt tensioner with screw adjustment
  • Easy-clean, crowned wing pulley
  • Heavy duty pillow block bearings
  • Easy cleanout access points

  • Heavy duty flanges, laser aligned and jigged
  • Track welded seams ensure dust and weather protection
  • Trunking available in 10', 5', 3' and 1' lengths
  • 5' service inspection trunking

  • Head platforms, distributor platforms and rest platforms are available
  • Hinged manway door on head platforms
  • Expanded metal safety grating floor
  • Includes full handrails
  • Built to OSHA standards

  • Available in 5' and 10' sections
  • Sized for easy access
  • Designed to assemble with work, rest and distributor platforms
  • Safety cages built to OSHA standards

  • 4B High density polyethelene, urethane, nylon, and steel buckets available
  • Optional vented cups
  • Low profile cups available
  • Distributors available from 6' to 20' spouting sizes
  • Multiple outlet models available
  • Manual or electronic data interchange controlled
  • Flatback or full round options

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