- Sugar Cane Tiller


The tilling operation of the Cane Tiller eliminates soil clods, resulting in maximum earth to cane stock contact for full germination and increased yields. Northwest can adapt our Cane Tiller to match your field preparation needs. The Cane Tiller can be designed to form beds in conjunction with the tillage operation. The unit can also be set up to act as a strip tiller with a special three-row design incorporates residue into the soil to allow for decomposing. These residues prevent soil erosion and protect the emerging plant.

  • Maximum earth to cane stock contact for full germination
  • Excellent ground preparation; tills up to 11 3/4' in depth
  • Elimination of soil clods provides even water penetration
  • Increased yields
  • One pass operation
  • 30 years of experience in cane tilling

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