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- Recirculating Water Systems



Recirculation irrigation drainage systems via hydroponics optimize the use of water by reusing it so that could be reincorporated in irrigation systems after treatment, achiving significant water savings.


The recirculation system is one of the advantages offered by hydroponic irrigation. Drainage collection trays is placed by low substrate bags, which have a certain slope and collected in nozzles at the end of each row of crops, which in turn is sent to deposits collected by gravity (which are connected to all lines of culture).

Ideally, in the drainage recirculation is to disinfect that water in order to prevent risks of microbial contamination in the irrigation water due to its recirculation.

These are the different disinfection systems:

By applying chlorinated disinfectants:

Such as sodium hypochlorite, chlorine dioxide or hypochlorous acid. The equipment used are dispensers that apply the disinfectant continuously or intermittently.

By applying ozone:

This equipment generates ozone by corona discharge method. In this method, ozone is produced by means of an electric discharge applied to dry air or oxygen.

By applying ultraviolet radiation:

Ultraviolet lamps located in racks designed so that water passes through the surface of the lamps and implemented the proper and necessary doses of ultraviolet radiation to be effective its disinfectant application ultraviolet lamps are used.

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