Novid Inc.

- Liquid Storage Tanks


Our Liquid fertilizer tanks are professionally engineered for safe storage and provide superior storage protection for Liquid and Fertilizer with lower long term costs.

Professionally Engineered
  • Designed for safe, long term liquid fertilizer storage
  • Structurally engineered to last
  • Manufactured with corrosive resistant T304 or T316 stainless steel
  • No down time for repairs, inspections or maintenance
  • No on-site paint touch-ups required
  • Environmentally friendly
Standard Features
  • Butt welded joints
  • 18” manway
  • 4 lift lugs
  • 4 anchor tabs
  • 4” PVC Suction Coupler at 90 degree angle
  • 3” PVC Fill Coupler at 45 degree angle
  • 3” Roof Vent
  • 3/4″ sight tube
  • Re-enforced manway
  • SS Ladder/Cage
  • 4″ Fittings
  • 24″ manway
  • Sloped Floor
  • Roof manway
  • Flange Fittings
Custom Designs

We design and build fertilizer tanks custom to your needs. If you require an alternate sized liquid tank between 5,300-88,200 imperial gallons, contact us to get started! There is no room for compromise with Novid Inc. liquid fertilizer tanks. Novid Inc. is CWB Division 2 certified, and understands the importance of using correct welding procedures and processes in order to deliver the best product. All Novid Inc. welders are trained and certified to weld stainless steel.

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