Trelleborg Pipe Seals Milford, Inc.

- Model III - In-Plant Coring Machine



The NPC Hydrokor III is made for the large volume producer who needs to quickly and efficiently core drill several different hole sizes. It is the fastest, most versatile, highest volume core drilling machine available. With up to 8 drill bits mounted on its rotating turret, a heavy-duty hydraulic power unit, and a four-speed transmission, the NPC Hydrokor III quickly cores manhole after manhole, day in and day out. The optional Digital Package makes the NPC Hydrokor III even more efficient. Featuring digital elevation and turntable displays for quick, accurate positioning, and a control that allows the user to easily set an auto-retract position.


  • 4 to 8 spindle options available
  • Internal frame allows full bit rotation and an open machine platform with walkway
  • V-Rail traversing system for multiple turntables

Power Unit

  • 20 HP heavy-duty power/control unit with premium quality components
  • Unit can be field configured for left or right-hand control
  • Digital turntable display
  • Rugged Gresen heavy-duty equipment valves
  • Hydraulic Auto-Feed System
  • Optional Digital Elevation and Feed Digital Displays with user set Auto Retract


  • 4 inch tall positioners allow fork lift to drop and lift directly from table
  • Independent 90 inch diameter turntable design allows for flexible configurations
  • Synchro Drive Encoder System for turntable digital readout.

Feed Frame

  • 47 inch feed with Sheffer hydraulic cylinder
  • V-Groove rollers with heavy-duty, double-taper bearings
  • Extra-heavy 22 pound per foot steel rail frame

Elevation Frame

  • Drill center line to manhole positioned is 8 inches – 73 inches (65 inch net stroke)
  • Hydraulic cylinders for rapid elevation adjustment
  • Counter-balance safety valve for fail-safe operation
  • Solid elevation posts for improved stiffness and reduced vibration
  • Optional light-duty Core Drill hoist

Drive Train

  • Ultra solid drive platform made from solid steel for smooth coring
  • Heavy-duty water swivel with ball bearing construction and replaceable seals
  • Four-speed, heavy-duty, Funk/John Deere® HMD 12700 transmission

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