- Furrow Press


It is easy to pack the land as it is being ploughed because of the moisture content in the soil.  Light and medium land can be drilled following the plough. Stronger land can effectively be worked down sealing the moisture, preventing baking and enabling the soil to be subsequently worked with the minimum of passes.

Tractor requirements are minimised during a period of heavy usage.  Reduced passes resulting in reduced compaction and increased yields.  The surface of the packed land remains open and friable but not too fine, resisting blowing and capping.  An evenly consolidated seed bed without the problems of wheeling's is prepared resulting in the more uniform germination, ripening and improvement in yields.

Furrow presses are used when underground packing (below 10cm) or the splitting of the furrow in heavier conditions is required.  The seedbed is not packed.

Available for general use 700mm diameter rings with 30° and 45° profiles for heavy and light land.  Available in a variety of widths to suit your plough.

  • Fully adjustable pick-up arms Extra heavy duty rings
  • Cleaning chains Three point linkage
  • Closer spacing for better packing

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