Allweiler-Farid Pumps

Model NS - Low Lift Pumps


Low lift Pumps for Surface Irrigation.

Main Fields of Applications:
Specially Designed for Surface Irrigation From Channels, Rivers and Surface Wells.
The medium could be Clear Water or Raw Water.

Application Data:
Discharge: up to 250 m3 /hr
Head: up to 10 m.
Temperature: 120oC maximum.

Main Parts: GG 25.
Impeller: GG 20.
Shaft: ST.ST.
Size: Suction and Discharge Flanges DN 6/6 inch, 5/5 inch, 4/4 inch.
Sealing: Stuffing Box with Gland.
Bearing: Heavy duty Pedestal with tow Ball
Bearings ZZC3.
Prime Mover: the Pumps connected with Diesel Engine on movable or fixed Base Plate Or connected With Electric Motor on a Fixed Base Plate by Flexible Coupling.
The Pump can be Equipped with a Manual Priming Pump.

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