Model NTB - Nitrogen Toolbar


Having adequate nutrient levels and feeding them to your crop at the right times are critical factors to achieving high yields. Hagie Mfg.’s 2016 Nitrogen Toolbar (NTB) is your full season solution for performing timely and precise N applications to limit losses and maximize input productivity. Include a Hagie NTB as part of your nutrient management plan to drive economic benefits to your bottom line, while also minimizing environmental impact.

  • 30' Toolbar
    • 12 Row -- 30' spacing
    • 18 Row -- 20' spacing
  • 40' Toolbar
    • 16 Row -- 30' spacing
    • 24 Row -- 20' spacing
  • Available with guage wheels

When equipped with the Quick-Tach option, changeover from boom to NTB can be completed in less than 10 minutes! Make the most suitable field days, whether it is to spray or side-dress, with your Hagie STS!

Hagie Manufacturing Company offers it’s Nitrogen Toolbar (NTB) in 12-row, 16-row, 18-skip row, 24-skip row, and 36-skip row configurations, depending on model. The 6-ft. (182 cm) clearance allows growers to side-dress nitrogen later in the growing season, in some situations, after tassels have topped.

NTB units are set for 30” (76 cm) rows, but some can accommodate 20, 22, or 36-inch (50, 55, or 91 cm) rows. They are capable of applying 80 to 100 lbs. (36 to 45 kg) of nitrogen at 14 to 16 mph (22 to 25 km/h), which is approximately twice the speed of tractor-pulled units.

What is your nutrient management plan? Maximize your nitrogen efficiency and ROI with Hagie's Nitrogen Toolbar.

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