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Model NUG 275 - 8 Ton Tender



S & A’s NUG 275 8 ton tender is very similar to the NUG 228 6 ton tender in design and features. The one thing that sets this unit apart from the other is size. This unit has a 275 cubic foot hopper and an 10 ton GVW trailer. It also comes equipped with a 20 horse engine to handle the larger load and to unload more quickly. Roll tarps are a popular option on this unit. This unit is just as reliable as the NUG 228, and can provide you with one more load, if you are using a standard 2 ton spreader. This extra capacity can save you a great deal of time and fuel, especially when the distance between the filling site and the site of application is great. If you are in need of a quality tender, and 6 tons just won’t do, then the NUG 275 is the tender for you. If you need something even bigger than this, take a look at our portable storage bins.

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