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The Nugent Duo Bale Attach joins the robust, versatile range of Bale Handling Equipment. The Nugent Dual Bale Attach allows wrapped bales to be moved safely and efficiently. Using two Heavy Duty Bale Lifters, the Attach allows independent movement of each lifter for simple collection. The Bale Lifters can be dismounted in minutes and attached directly to the back of a tractor on 3-point linkage.

The Nugent Duo Bale Lifter will lift the first bale of the ground to protect it whilst lifting the second bale. This is not a unique feature as other products on the market have done this previously. However, what is unique is that not only does the Nugent Duo Bale Lifter lift to protect the bales and lifts both bales, it also trips them in the traditional tipping format which allows the farmers to not only lift two bales at a time but to stand them up on their end.

As opposed to buying a whole new implement for your farm the Duo Bale Lifter is made up of the Duo Bale Attach and two existing standard bale lifters. If the customer already has an existing Nugent Bale Lifter, it can be retro fitted onto the coupling. If a farmer is only using a twin bale lifter in the summer to draw bales in from the fields but in the winter during the feeding season, he only needs a single bale lifter, the single bale lifters can be detached and used on their own quite easily.

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