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- Utility Trailer


The Nugent Utility Trailer maintains the high quality that you come to expect from Nugent. With full type approval (ECWVTA) they have been designed to cater for a range of uses from agricultural to domestic requirements. They are perfect for towing behind quads or today’s smaller cars, where extra capacity is a necessity. The Utility Trailers are ideal for outdoor sports enthusiasts or holiday makers hauling bicycles, kayaks and camping gear and for small business owners taking regular trips to civic amenity sites. Being lightweight they can be easily manoeuvred by hand and their compact size allows them to be positioned in parking spaces or stored in garages. Small in size but big in capability, the Nugent Utility Trailer is available with various optional extras making versatile to meet every demand.

  • Single Axle
  • Unbraked
  • 2213 x 1298mm

  • Spare Wheel Kit
  • Full Ramp Tail Door
  • Full Ramp Tail Door with Lamb Door
  • Extended Sides
  • Canopy Lid with Roof Rack
  • Aluminium Threadplate Floor
  • Tarpaulin Cover
  • Ladder Rack
  • Rear Prop Stands

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