Nursery Jaws Hybrid


The Nursery Jaws Hybrid features a manually adjustable pivot point that allows you to handle a variety of material. The Nursery Jaws Hybrid incorporates the rugged simplicity of the Nursery Jaws 1 with the increased versatility of the Nursery Jaws 2 into one attachment. This new design combines greater carrying capacity with lighter weight. The Nursery Jaws Hybrid is one durable and versatile partner for your business.


With the Nursery Jaws Hybrid, you can:

  • Remove trees from mulch
  • Move up to 60' B&B trees
  • Move up to 36' boxes or container
  • Move up to 65 gallon pots
  • Move growbags
  • Load, unload and double stack
  • Transport and plant nursery stock
  • Move and place boulders
  • Simple to use
  • Carry loads up to 3000 lbs

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