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Nursery Pens



Construction & Specifications for Standard Nursery Pen:    Legs constructed of 2' x 2' x 3/16' Angle with side panel and end panel brackets and floor rack bracket (can be built to any height on order).  Side and End Panels are constructed of 3/8' x 1' Flat Bar at top and bottom with 5/16' Rod welded vertically on 2' centers.  Bottom Rack made of 1/4' x 1-1/2' Flat Bar turned on edge for strength.  Requires no bolts to fasten to legs.   Built to accommodate woven wire, Filter-Eeze® vinyl, or Tenderfoot NS® coated flooring.

Construction & Specifications for Heavy Duty Nursery Pen:    Legs and Floor Rack are same as above.  Side and End Panels are constructed 7/8' Round Solid Bar at top and bottom with 7/16' Rods welded vertically on 2-1/2' centers.

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