ML Irrigation, Inc.

Nursery Pot-in-Pot Irrigation System


ML Irrigation is one ol the pioneers of pot-in-pot irrigation. We constantly test equipment from around the world looking lor new and better designs and products. We have designed large and small systems for production and sales under varying climatic and drainage conditions.

ML-designed systems are in use by growers throughout the country, including:

  • Georgia - Arthur A. Jones Nursery, Jackson Farms
  • Iowa - Sherman Nursery
  • Kentucky - Ammon Wholesale Nursery
  • Maryland - USDA Research Center. Manor View Farms
  • Minnesota - Bailey Nursery
  • North Carolina - NC State. Worthmgton Farms. Old Courthouse. Lathams Nursery
  • Rhode Island - Morningstar Nurseries. Rhode Island Nurseries
  • South Carolina - Gilbert Nursery. Carolina Nurseries. Clemson University
  • Tennessee - Pleasant Cove Nursery
  • Virginia- Lancaster Farm. Historyland Nursery. Dave's Nursery, Tankard's Nursery

ML Irrigation has supplied equipment for research projects at various universities, including Penn State. Washington State. University of Georgia, University of Kentucky, University of Rhode Island, Virginia Tech, Clemson and Colorado State.

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