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Nutria Mycotoxin Binder A (MBA)



NUTRIA MYCOTOXIN BINDER A is a blend of activated aluminosilicates and yeast cell walls with high capacity of binding and deactivating mycotoxins. Aflatoxins in cattle are mainly manifested with symptoms such as depression, anorexia, reduced growth, decreased milk production, subnormal body temperature and dry muzzle. As in several other species, lesions in the liver include fatty degeneration, vacuolated liver cells, liver necrosis, bile duct proliferation, and diffuse fibrosis.

The active aluminosilicates bind the molecules of toxins with hydrogen bonds guiding in the formation of aggregates of micelles which cannot transude (pass through the gut wall). Micelles are not able to pass the gut pores.

Micelles developed by the coagulation and spheronization of the hydrophilic molecules of the aluminosilicates, positioned in the outer layer of the agglomerate, and the hydrophobic molecules of toxins positioned in the inner layer space of the agglomerate.

Yeast cell walls, having glucomannans as constructive material, are strengthening the fixation of aluminosilicate molecules to toxin molecules making the bonds stronger and the passing through the intestine walls, almost inefficient.

Mycotoxin detoxification by the NMBA is almost complete for a wide spectrum of polar and non-polar mycotoxins.

The elimination of Aflatoxin M1 in milk by the addition of the NMBA is   significant and the metabolism is improving of the growing and fattening animals. Additionally the yields are also improving.

Suggested dosages:

Prevention: 0,5 - 1kg/ton of feed

Elimination: 1,5 - 2kg/ton of feed

Treatment: 2,5 - 3kg/ton of feed

Packing: 25 Kgs paper multiline bags

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