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Nutria Mycotoxin Binder B (Nutria MBB)



NUTRIA MBB® is a triple action member of NUTRIA HELLAS’s range of mycotoxin binders.

It consist of :


Bentonite is a general clay material originating from volcanic ash and containing primarily montmorillonite as the main constituent. Montmorillonite clay is a hydrated sodium calcium aluminum magnesium silicate hydroxide.. FEEDAP Panel considers that the bentonite under application has the potential to be efficacious as an aflatoxin binder in dairy cows. This conclusion can be extended to all ruminants. Taken all together the FEEDAP Panel considers as a conservative estimate 0.5 % bentonite to be safe for all target animal species.

Diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth (DE) is a type of tectosilicate found in large quantities in Iran. It is possible that this compound can absorb mycotoxins. Diatomaceous earth has shown the potential in vitro to bind aflatoxin, T-2 toxin, zearalenone and ochratoxin.

Dried yeasts

The yeasts Saccharomyces Cerevisiaeare widely used in many biotechnological processes. Yeasts and their cell wall components are also used as feed additives for animals, and as adsorbents that effectively limit mycotoxicosis in farm animals The results show that the polysaccharide components of the yeast cell wall are responsible for the adsorption of ochratoxin A.

Suggested Usage rates

DAIRY COWS:  For the first 10 day, when start to use the product 30grams per head per day mixed on the TMR, in continuation 10 grams is the suggested.

COWS IN DRY PERIOD: 10grams per head per day

Warning Periods: 50grams per head per day

PIGS and POULTRY: 1,5kg / T of feed

These rates are a typical guide, exceptional conditions may require a higher inclusion rate.

Packaging: In 25 kg bags.

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