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Nutria Mycotoxin Binder C (Nutria MBC)



NUTRIA MYCOTOX C is a multi-action mycotoxin binder which is the only one using bentonite, diatomaceous, organic acids, gluco-mannans and enzyme in a unique polydynamic blend, the most effective mycotoxin binding blend available.

This provides a very wide spectrum of mycotoxin control.  This multi action activity is crucial in preventing performance losses whenever a mycotoxin is present in the feed.

The five types of binders used in NUTRIA MYCOTOX C attach themselves to any mycotoxins present in the gut and carry them harmlessly out of the animal.  This prevents them entering the blood stream where they could cause the unwanted symptoms.

1. The binders attach themselves to the mycotoxin rendering it unable to cross the gut wall.

2. Bound together, they are harmlessly excreted from the gut.

In commercial trials NUTRIA MYCOTOX C has improved milk yields, reduced mastitis, stiffened dung, reduced abortions, improved foot health and cow contentment (quiet and calm).  NUTRIA MYCOTOX C also enhances the animals own immune system to further improve stock health and performance.

NUTRIA MYCOTOX C should be added to the feeder wagon with the premix, the suspect feed should be added next, followed by the rest of the mix.  This ensures the NUTRIA MYCOTOX C is as close to the mycotoxins as possible.  NUTRIA MYCOTOX C can also be added to home-mixed rations.

Suggested Usage rates

DAIRY COWS:  For the first 10 day, when starting to use the product 30grams per head per day mixed on the TMR, following by 10 grams per head per day.

COWS IN DRY PERIOD: 10grams per head per day

Warning Periods: 50grams per head per day

BIGS and POULTRY: 1,5kg / Ton of feed

These rates are a typical guide, exceptional conditions may require a higher inclusion rate.

Packaging: In 25 kgs bags.

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