Nutricontrol, S. L.

- Model 5 - Complete Fertirrigation Unit



Nutrimac 5 is a complete fertirrigation unit to control the irrigation and fertilizer doses. There are three different ranges: Nutrimac 5 Automatic, Nutrimac 5 E/G and Nutrimac 5 E/S.

  • It is made with a stainless steel structure and electro valves to add fertilizers
  • It allows to introduce 4 fertilizers and 1 acid through venturi injectors
  • It includes a sensor manifold to measure pH and E.C.
  • Moreover, It includes a metallic box where are installed an automatic irrigation controller, electrovalves and pumps switch selectors, relays, circuit breaker, contact breaker, etc.
  • In this could be included security valve to avoid injecting fertilizers when an EC alarm is turn on
  • It offers the possibility to increase the fertilizer injection flow using an extension unit

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