- N Nitrogen Fertilizer Manager


A new University of Missouri study released in October 2012 shows that NutriSphere-N® Nitrogen Fertilizer Manager was able to reduce the cumulative long-term volatilization of nitrogen more than four times better than untreated urea — proving NutriSphere-N helps deliver more valuable nitrogen to feed your growing corn.

Backed by science. Proven in the field.

By working to shield nitrogen on a molecular level, NutriSphere-N keeps enzymes at bay so more nitrogen remains in the ammonium form – making it more readily available to plants. And because up to 50% of applied nitrogen can be lost to leaching, volatilization and denitrification, it’s important to choose the stabilizer proven to defend nitrogen against all three forms of loss. No wonder farmers in more than 40 states are protecting their nitrogen investment with NutriSphere-N.

Flexible performance.

Unlike other nitrogen–fertilizer additives, NutriSphere-N lets you apply nitrogen when and how it works for you, adding flexibility to your application schedule from fall to spring. NutriSphere-N leaves no environmental footprint and is available for both dry and liquid nitrogen fertilizer, giving you the options you need for the results you want.

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