- Suckling Piglet Feeding System



For the first time in our branch of trade, Nutrix+ now enables a dosification of smallest amounts of sows’ milk substitutes, starting from piglet milk to yoghurt and prestarter to piglet starter feed. Thereby, the feeding of suckling piglets can be perfectly adapted to their growth. The piglets are gradually introduced to new feed and are therefore not exposed to the stress of a sudden change of feed after weaning. The reason is that the enzyme structures in the gastro-intestinal tract of the animals are already laid out for grains.

In combination with compressed air, the frequency regulation ensures transport through the feed lines which is adapted to the medium. Piglet milk is transported slowly and carefully, and piglet feed is transported with the necessary pressure. The system, laid out for approx. 3,500 suckling piglets per feed line, is working on sensor feeding and is modularly extensible so that an extension of up to three mixing containers of a volume of 125 l each is possible. This allows the use of different feed mixes and automatic further mixing of larger feed amounts. Moreover, individual mixing temperatures can be automatically adjusted by the computer. During the mixing of the feed, the required components are weighed via the system. The feed : water ratio can be operated up to 1:3,5. During the mixing of the feed the unit starts with that component, which has to be mixed with the highest temperature. First of all, the mixing container is filled with hot water of the required temperature. After the addition of the first component, the unit adds as much cold water as is required until the necessary temperature for the second feed component is reached. This way, an optimal mixing of temperature sensitive components is reached. The highlight of it: the maximum of hygiene will remain as also for Nutrix+ the proven cleaning method of acid / lye rinsing and the downpipe cleaning system WACS (Weda Active Cleaning System) can be employed.

The newly developed double plastic troughs with grids are integrated into the pen wall and thus enable lasting social contacts of the piglets between two pens. Apart from the special oval shape of the troughs that offer a lot of space for feeding of the piglets, and which does not leave any “dirt traps”, the troughs are markedly bright and are therefore faster accepted by the animals. Also, the animals can neither place themselves inside the troughs nor run through them; this clearly reduces the dangerf feed losses.An elevation in the middle of the trough reduces the useable volume and enables the presentation of smaller feed amounts. Furthermore, the troughs can be simply cleaned with a water hose or with a flushing lance.

  • Sensor Feeding
  • Dosification of smallest amounts of 0.1 l at the trough
  • Frequency regulation
  • Feed weighing
  • Feeding of piglet milk, yoghurt, prestarter and starter feed
  • Approx. 3,500 suckling piglets per feed line
  • Feed / water ratio up to 1:3.5
  • Lower feed costs as no liquid prestarter required

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