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Today’s high yielding dairy cow requires precise feeding to ensure yield and milk quality are optimised, that she gets back in calf quickly and suffers minimal health problems during lactation. She then needs to be prepared for the next lactation.

Dairy compounds continue to offer significant advantages to farmers whether they operate a simple system based on compound as the only supplement to forage, use out of parlour feeders to target specific cows or feed a small amount to supplement a mixed diet.

Our winter compound ranges include products for use in grass silage systems, mixed forage systems, for use alongside TMR diets or in simple silage and compound systems. Whether compounds are the principle concentrate fed or the fine tuning of the diet you will find an ideal feed in our range which all include a range of energy and protein sources complemented by carefully balanced minerals and trace elements. Our feed specialists are trained and equipped to help you allow your cows to express their full potential.

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