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- Automatic Nest for Layers



NYDO DUO is our high quality community nest available with two side collecting belts 250 mm wide each one. It is made up of modules. Each module’s size is cm 230 x 160 and features 4 nests holes designed to host hens. Each nest hole features waterproof painted wooden partitions, translucent PVC internal walls, galvanised steel sheet roof with air intakes and anti-dwell upper profile, plastic sheet curtains, LED lamp placed inside as calling light.

The first class wooden partitions - 18 mm thick - are far better than the steel ones because they give the bird the best environment for laying eggs. Wood is longer-lasting and rust-free. It doesn’t get cold in winter and doesn’t get warm in the summer, reducing to the minimum escapes from the nest-holes due to nasty conditions. The nest bottom is completely swinging by means of racks, allowing for the complete closure of the automatic nests, this brings two main advantages: during the night, when the automatic nests are closed and the bottoms are in vertical position, the day’s filth can pour down allowing for a cleaner overall environment. The nest bottom is made of a galvanised and powder-coated steel wire mesh.

Mats can be supplied in natural rubber or Astrotruf that gives comfort, and moreover they can be cleaned and washed easily.

The bearing structure is made of a galvanised and powder-coated steel frame with stainless steel legs. Once the eggs are laid, they gently roll out of the nest holes onto the lateral conveying belts , expressly perforated to allow proper cleanliness and ventilation to the eggs. From there, they are moved to the collecting table located in the service room. The conveying action is ensured by an electric motoreducer complete with speed variator, so that the conveying speed can be easily adjusted.

Surely the breeder has a leading role to get this result, but our automatic collective nests can make a difference.

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