Model O-200 - Hat Collectors Unmounted



Plastic discs 157mm in diameter, with 'necks' which enable stacking of the discs. The necks a above one another to keep spacing for spat to develop. The discs have raised ridges which help the spat adhere to them.

61mm x 157mm, (2 3/8' x 6 3/16').

30g, (1.1oz).

Oyster spat collection.

How it is used / deployed:
The hats are mounted in stacks of 38 by the insertion of a PVC tube which is afterwards hot welded at each end, securing the hats. They are deployed on tidal flats on metal tables, to which they are attached with rubber bands. In deep water, they are deployed like mussel lines. Removal of the spat is by manually twisting each stack, causing the spat to fall off, or by use of a special machine. The stack is passed through the machine, which has a pipe of PVC or stainless steel, of a diameter slightly on the interior of the pipe.

Features / benefits:
Field reports up to 200 oysters per hat collection.

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