O.C.L.L. S.r.l.

- Model ATVM - Trailed Air Blast Sprayer


The ATVM is designed to work in narrow rows and muddy conditions. The spray nozzles are easily adjustable and can be individually shut off . One whole side or all of the nozzles can be shut off for using a hand gun or boom. The new self operated ATVM, air blast sprayer is the ideal implement for small vineyard growers, nursery green houses, narrow row crops, and for all those working conditions where it is not possible to use a tractor with PTO. The ATVM trailer air-blast sprayer is equipped with a 9HP gasoline engine. The engine driven air-blast fan and pump are independent of the towing vehicle. This machine has been designed to operate behind ATV’s and compact tractors and has, as an option, skids for mounting in the beds of pick-up trucks and compact carriers.

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