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OAKLAND interfaces to multiple scale programs to eliminate the extra work associated with posting tickets manually and prevent errors resulting from mistakes made during manual entry. The OAKLAND Scale Interface electronically receives scale ticket information into Grain Manager, steamlining the process of getting weights and measures from the scale into the OAKLAND System.

While OAKLAND interfaces to multiple scale programs, we work with Vande Berg Scales (VBS) to offer an integrated software solution with live ticket posting capabilities. The latest version of the VBS Global Scale Partner program includes the following features:

  • utilize a convenient touchscreen display to control all scale and moisture testing functions
  • validate customer/vendor and hauler names, addresses, split allocations, and more in real-time at the scale (ensure that information printed on the scale ticket is always up to date)
  • apply inbound or outbound contracts to commodities as they cross the scale
  • post tickets and affect balances live on the OAKLAND System throughout the day (know where contracts stand as customers and vendors leave the scale)
  • post tickets weighing non-grain commodities such as NH3 to OAKLAND Asset Manager to handle asset tracking and billing as needed

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