- Natural Wetting Agent and Microbial Feed



Oasys Ultra is formulated to increase percolation rates in dry, hard, and compacted soils. This premium quality, non-burning wetting agent is fortified with humic acids and sea plant extracts which act as bio-stimulants for improved plant growth. Oasys Ultra is non-toxic, plant derived, and can even be applied as a 'rescue' in hot and dry weather when plants are most stressed.  Unlike synthetic wetting agents, there is no danger of residue build-up which can contribute to nutrient imbalances.

Oasys Ultra contains steroid saponins extracted from the Quillay plant.  This natural surfactant increases water movement through tight soils. By combining seaplant extracts and humic acids with steroid saponins, the result is an effective wetting agent that also provides bio-catalysts for soil and plant improvement.  Oasys Ultra is biodegradable and an excellent food source for beneficial bacteria.

This product is water soluble and mixes easily with liquid fertilizers and pesticides, offering better penetration of active ingredients.


One gallon per acre at 2-4 week intervals.

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