OBJ-1468 has a operating pressure from 800-2,500 psi & a flow rate of up to 18 GPM.

Standard kit includes:

  • Toolbox and tools
  • 4”, 6” and 8” skids
  • 4”, 6” and 8” saws
  • OBJ-1468: 800–2,500 psi operating pressure & Flow rate 10 GPM
  • OBJ-1467: 800-4,000 psi operating pressure & Flow rates up to 18 GPM

Powered by the Jetter’s water pressure, these fierce root cutters spin at extremely high torque. For maximum effectiveness, the skids keep the unit centered in the pipe while the rear jets keep it pressed against the root. In addition, the saw blades, which are heat treated for super durability, feature teeth on both edges. One edge tears on the way in and the other trims clean on the way back.

Choose the right root cutter for your Jetter based on its water flow/pressure rating. Note that skids and saws are available for different size pipes.

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