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- Model Ocalser - Automatic Laser Receiver


Ocalser is an automatic laser receiver that wirelessly transmits the position of the laser strike within the laser receiver range. Just lift the boom until the laser light is anywhere within the receiver's range, and the ExcaVision display beeps, indicating that the reference has been found. The laser light becomes the Zero level and the depth of the bucket tip from the laser light is shown on the screen. This saves time and ensures a perfect reference to the rotating laser. If you already have a laser receiver intended for mounting on the dipperstick, you can use it: Just move the stick unitil the laser light impinges on the center photocell and press 'Zero on Laser'. This operation only takes a few seconds. The Ocalaser does a better job by saving some time and ensuring a perfect rebenching. If your receiver is Apaches Bullseye 5 or 6 you can buy the transmitter and upgrade it to an Ocalser.

The combination of the ExcaVision depth monitor with the Ocalaser allows you to get the laser reference with the boom, stick and bucket in any position and check depths anywhere around the excavator.

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