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Customized to your exact needs, Octaform can be integrated into anything from a simple grow-out tank to the most complex recirculating aquaculture system. Our patented system assembles quickly without specialized labor or heavy equipment and Octaform is the only option that forms and protects your tank walls in one step. The finish is built-in, eliminating the need for liners, cladding or sealants.

What Does this Mean?
To start, Octaform’s built-in finish means that your tanks are built quickly. You won’t be waiting for extra trades to seal, protect or clad your concrete tank. When the concrete is cured, your tank is ready. But that’s just the beginning.

Worry-Free Tanks
Our food-grade PVC forms a permanent barrier between your tank and its contents protecting the tank and your fish. With Octaform, you can stop worrying about corrosion, cracks and leaks because the finish is built-in. Tank maintenance is a thing of the past.

What About the Fish?
PVC is one of the most durable and understood polymers in the world. Ours is certified for both food and drinking water containment. It won’t support the growth of mold and its smooth finish protects your fish from rubbing up against a rough concrete surface.


Concrete is already one of the toughest and most long-lasting building materials on the planet – Octaform makes it better. By protecting the concrete from corrosion and cracking, it extends the life of it. Whether enduring the hot Florida sun or standing strong against tsunamis and earthquakes, Octaform makes tanks that last.


Time Magazine recently pronounced that the future of food is aquaculture. We at Octaform believe that future is now. Call us today and learn what tilapia, barramundi, salmon, shrimp, and trout farmers around the globe already know: Octaform makes the best tanks.

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