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The advantages of building tanks with Octaform are many and other sectors have already embraced our superior tank technology. It goes up quickly and its built-in, corrosion-resistant PVC finish ensures that your tank will outlast and outperform just about any alternative.

The American heartland is dotted with proof of this and as a result, farmers across the world are now turning to Octaform to build anaerobic digester systems.


Octaform forms and protects your structure in one step.

Whether you are building a barn or a tank, the finish (and insulation if required) is built-in. This eliminates the need for liners, cladding or sealants and also simplifies construction. Our patented concrete forming system assembles quickly without specialized labor or heavy equipment.

No cranes or steel forms are typically required.

Build something better
Farming in the twenty-first century comes with twenty-first century problems. With Octaform, farmers can stop worrying about their facilities and focus on what counts, their business.

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