- Bio-catalytic Odor Suppressant and Waste Reducer



ODOR-X is an all-natural, bio-catalytic odor suppressant and waste reducer. It is designed to reduce odors and aid in the breakdown of odor-causing waste compounds such as sulphides, mercaptans, sulphur dioxide, aldehydes, amines and phenols.

ODOR-X attacks the root source of odors. It quickly and effectively targets odor causing compounds that result from the anaerobic activities of the micro-organisms which break down organic compounds in the absence of oxygen. ODOR-X stimulates the microbes that break down these compounds and provides them with the necessary environment to virtually explode into action and thus reduce waste and odor in the process. ODOR-X begins to work within hours and will continue the metabolic stimulation of these beneficial microbes for several weeks, at which time it should be re-applied.

  • Improve Odor
  • Promote Aerobic Waste Reduction
  • Improve Environmental Quality
  • Increase Animal Health
  • Reduction of Flies & Pests
  • For Use On:
  • Poultry, Cattle & Swine Barns
  • Manure Pits
  • Lagoons
  • Septic Systems & Tanks
  • Sewage Treatment Facilities

  1. Poultry, Cattle and Swine Barns: Dilute one part ODOR-X concentrate in 10 parts water and spray on the walls ceilings and floors of the barn. Repeat as needed.
  2. Manure Pits, Lagoons, and Sewage Treatment Facilities: Mix at least 15ppm of ODOR-X in the contents of waste liquid. 1 Gallon ODOR-X per 50,000 Gallons of waste or 2.5 ounces per 1000 Gallons of waste.
  3. Septic Tanks: Pour one cup of ODOR-X down drain every month.

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