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- Heavy Duty Clamp for Agricultural Machinery and Irrigation Systems


Oem Heavy Duty Clamps are working according to the screw-nut principle and are designed to provide accurate sealing at high pressure points. This product is characterized in that it provides extremely high band tension. Some of the usage areas are as follows: automotive, marine, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, food machinery, generator and heavy equipment industry as well as hose sector. Special dimensions can be produced as per the order.

  1. CRESCENT: The crescent product is made of the same material with the band sheet iron to acquire the highest resistance at the point where tightening is the weakest. Besides, the form of the crescent surface contacting the hose enables the clamp to grasp the hose in full. It is produced separately for each diameter.
  2. BOLT: Made of 8.8 grade material in order to provide the required application force.
  3. BUSHING: Placed to provide maximum tightening over the full diameter without deforming the band.
  4. SPOT BUCKLE: Diameters and numbers of the Buckle differ according to band width and thickness.
  5. PIPE, NUT: Prevents deformation and peeling under maximum application forces and pressures.
  6. BAND WIDTH: Varies among 18, 20, 25 and 28 mm according to diameters in European standards.
  7. EDGING: Enables to grasp the hose better during mounting and tightening, and also prevents deformation.
  8. LINER: Each piece is covered with zinc to ensure a longer useful life and prevent any possible corrosion on the clamp.
  9. STAINLESS: The heavy work clamps made of rustproof W2 and W4 materials are especially recommended for places in contact with water.

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