Model OG - Cabinet Type Air-Insulated Metal-Enclosed Modular Cubicles


OG cabinet type air-insulated metal-enclosed modular cubicles are produced in accordance with 622271-200 IEC standard, TEDAŞ MYD/95-007.D Technical Specifications, Regulation of Power Installations and Regulation of Spindles Grounding of Electrical Installations managementships. In addition, cell separator, breaker, busbar, fuse, meter, meters, relays, current and voltage transformers and all other materials used inside the cell must be produced in accordance with the above-mentioned standards. Cabinet type air-insulated metal-enclosed modular cells are suitable for use in the buildings. They must also be in accordance with the following operating conditions.

Degree of the protection of cells is IP3X. Minimum nominal values of MV metal enclosed modular equipment, minimum nominal values of co-main circuits and electrical properties used in the cells are:

Rated normal current of busbar 630 A, 1250 A
Rated withstand current 16 kA 1 s
Rated peak withstand current 40 kA-peak

Although auxiliary supply voltage is 24 V DC in many regions and Izmir, contraversely, in Istanbul's Asian side osupple voltage is DC 110. For this reason, applications of local distribution companies should be considered during the project. Spring charging motor voltage is usually 220V AC in breakers. SF6 gas-insulated separators or air can, however, SF6 gas insulated load-break switch. Separators are 3-pole and 2-position (open, closed), or 3-pole and 3-position (open, closed, grounded).SF6 gas separators manufactured with 20-year average gas supply. They are arranged to avoid the gas pressure danger to the operating personnel by activating the gas discharge in case of emergency.

Mechanical life of the load and no-load voltage dividers is 1000 (one thousand) opening and closing. (M1). Also Switches are constructed as rated current (630 A) 100 (one hundred) times interrupting and short circuit current (16 kA) of five (5) times closing. It is know that load separators can not open during short-circuit. Therefore cutter feeders are used. 

Load Separator working mechanism 'accumulated energy control' type. Deposited on an arc formed by using hand or motor power and remote operation required for closing off. Energy required for automatic opening provided by the establishment of closing coil. 
It is possible to control the separator, load separator and earth switch by single remote-control. There is a maneuver against faulty mechanical lock between short-circuit. Earth separators are able to separate over the short-circuit by 5 times ( Type B).

In MV and HV power systems, SF6 (sulfur hexa fluoride / sulfur hexafluoride) gas is widely used. SF6 gas normally at a standstill, according to the chemical structure is not toxic in pure form also.SF6 is colorless and odorless. Dielectric strength is 89 kV / cm, under 1 bar pressure, which is 3 times more capable than the dielectric strength of air and 5 times heavier than air. SF6 gas is non-flammable gas that is also capable of high heat transfer. As a result of short-circuit damages SF6 conversion to white powder form is toxic for inhalation.Used in industry because, it is considered as greenhouse gas by Kyoto protocol.


Input/Output Load Break Cells
Transformer Protection Cells (Disconnector Fuse)
Cells Voltage Transformer
Circuit Breaker Output Cells
Linking bar Cells (Coupling)
Input/output pick-cells
Cable Connection Cells
Current and Voltage Measurement Cells
Bar Riser Cells
Current Measurement + Bus Riser Cells
Current Measurement Cells
Bus Section Breaker Cells (Side Exit)
Partition Load Cells separator bar (Side Exit)
Voltage Transformer Breaker Cubicle
Separator Current Voltage Measurement Cubicle
Arrester Cell
Wall Switch Cell
Right Input Current and Voltage Measurement Cubicle
Current and Voltage Measurement Cubicle Cable Outlet
Coupling Cubicle Load Break Switch (Right Inputs)
Vacuum Contactor Motor Power Cell
Vacuum Contactor Capacitor Cell

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