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- Flex Tine Harrow Carts



Our Flex Tine Harrow Carts come in sizes of 7/16', 1/2', and 5/8' harrow. The 5/8' harrow sections can only be 6' long. We have 13 sizes available from 16' to 42'.

Do Two jobs at One Time
You can choose the degree of penetration, from passive or aggressive. The front and rear sections of our Harrows are made to be independently adjustable, making it easier to do two jobs at one time.

  • Our 5/8' Harrow sections can only be 6' long.
  • Pasture renovation
  • Herbicides incorporation
  • One-pass applications of herbicides
  • Maximized germination
  • Root aeration
  • Better moisture penetration
  • Self-cleaning action
  • Saves time and fuel

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