- Floating Marking


With exceptional flotation and resistance, high elevation above the surface of water, particularly distinct size of label, indelible colors and through a wide range of international and other adapted signals, the floating marking of Okeanis constitutes the most ideal solution for marking in wide variety of applications. The floating buoys are essentially used in need of detecting the limits of swimming regions, prohibition of the movement of ships-swimmers, warning of reduction of speed, light-marking (with [fotobolia] lamp 1 Nm), regions of implementation of work, marking of shallow waters, protected regions, aquacultures, observation of rules of marine traffic.

  Okean-Mark F3-1 Okean-Mark F2-1 Okean-Mark F21-1 Okean-Mark MF
Total height 1.70m 1.70m 1.70m 2.30m
Freeboard 1m 1m 1m 1.5m
Weight 4.12 Kgr 3.72 Kgr 3.33 Kgr 5.25 Kgr
Label dimension (d) 32cm 32cm 32cm 32cm
Float Color Orange-Yellow Orange-Yellow Orange-Yellow Orange-Yellow

  Okean-Light Mark Okean-Fishing Buoy Okean-Flag
Total height 1.70m 2.5m 1.70m - 2.30m
Freeboard 1m 1.5m 1m - 1.5m
Weight 4.2 Kgr 3.250 Kgr 4,0 Kgr - 5.15 Kgr
Label dimension (d) Light 1 Nm -- Flag Okeanis
Float Color Orange-Yellow Orange-Yellow Orange-Yellow

  • Extremely hiagh durability
  • UV-protection stabilizers
  • floating stability
  • capability of label altering (which renders Okeanis floating marking of unlimited use)
  • Available in various types
  • Used with additional weight to the lower part of the buoys

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