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OLA af 85


: It is a new generation product contains vegetal Amino Acids and Humic – Fulvic Acids together  (Animal residue free). It provides advantages of both Amino acids and Humic – Fulvic acids on applied plants in  agricultural production.

OLA af 85 provides an extraordinary capillary root development at the root edges with Amino 
Acids, Humic – Fulvic Acids and natural root hormones in its content when applied in soil. It accelerates microorganism 
activity and organic matter decomposing at soil. Through this way it treats soil structure and encourages aeration. It 
makes plant nutrient uptake easier which can’t be uptake able by plants. When applied foliar, it plays an active role 
on protein synthesis and stimulates natural hormones in plant. OLA encourages germination, flowering, development 
and fruit set at plant. It increases sugar and vitamin level of fruit; provides earliness and quality increase; makes plants 
stronger against negative conditions (drought, frost, hot weather, extreme irrigation, disease and pest harm, etc.).

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