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OLISMOKE is a table aspirator for fumes and vapours caused by soft soldering. OLISMOKE is particularly helpful in the electronic, electrotechnical and radio-technical sector, where the various components are assembled on printed circuits by soft soldering.

 The polluted air is removed, by means of a special flexible, articulated hose 100 mm 0, model OLIFLEX. directly at its source before it can reach the operator's respiratory system. Using a small, high efficiency electrofan. the polluted air is pushed upward where a filter cartridge is positioned. The OLISMOKE/CA model is equipped with an active carbon filtering cartridge placed on the fan's exhaust which takes care of the filtration of gases and fumes. It is also available as optional an additional cartridge in polyester BIA certified rated to U.S.G.C with high filtering efficiency (OLISMOKE/CA/B). OLISMOKE therefore improves working conditions and increases production.

  • easy to handle
  • noiseless
  • efficient
  • able to be positioned in all directions
  • light weight
  • practical powerfull
  • compact
  • inexpensive & with low energy consumption

SILENT: the special construction of the fan that has been used allow for a particularly low noise level.

EnERGY SAVINGS: the removal of polluted fumes from work environment during winter causes a great decrease in temperature. Usually this situation is solved by increasing the heating system which, on the other hand, has the disadvantage of system and management high costs. OLISMOKE/CA/B represents the solution: to the problem, as the filtered air can be recycled in the premises being the toxicity below the limit value permitted by the law.

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