- Model PN - Pneumatic Olive Harvester with Contrasting Reed Movement



The professional pneumatic olive harvester withcontrasting reed movementis ideal for medium/large-sized olives and for plants with not too much foliage. Therake reedsin engineered polymer do not damage the fruit because it is flexible and rounded. The contrasting reed movement provides fast and precise harvesting with no damage to the plants. Fruit removal is delicate and the olives fall to the feet of the operator. Themagnesium alloymotor facilitates heat exchange andprevents ice formationin the case of low temperatures. With a total weight of only900 gr, the OLIVANCE PN is very handy and produces1500 strokes a minute. It can be used with any Castellari pneumatic fixed or telescopic pole.

  • Contrasting reed movement
  • Engineered polymer reeds
  • Consumption: 200 L/min
  • Strokes: 1500/min
  • Weight: 900 gr
  • Completely interchangeable

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