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- Olive Fan Aspirator



The Fan-Aspirator performs the recovery, cleaning and crating or boxing of the olives. If mounted on the same tractor with the net hydraulic Roller system, the operator, through a flexible tube with a suction nozzle, draws the olives into the undertow in front of the roller during the net rewinding phase, otherwise directly from nets on the ground.


View of the hydraulic fan for the expulsion of leaves and sprigs and of cyclone.


Leaves and small branches are removed by the fan, while the olives, being heavier, fall directly into the allocated bin or crate.
The height of the two moulded metals sheets can be modified, increasing or decreasing the entry of air into the ‘cyclone’ and further improving the cleaning process.

The box, once height, is leant against the ground by the tractor 3 point hitch and replaced with an empty one.


The photo shows the tractor attachment, the hydraulic oil tank equipped with filter, level and temperature gauge, the over-gear, the pump and the distributor with lever for on/off of the machine.


The photo shows the oil cooler. This component is necessary for a prolonged and continuous use of the Olive Fan-Aspirator, namely when olives suction phase is executed a single time during the whole working day.

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