Pellenc SA

Multifunction Tool carrier


Adjustment of the position of the tools for automatic row entry. Automatic centring of the tools in the rows (sensors). Automation: ground tracking, slope correction and centring at the end of the row.

Technical specifications
  • 3-point hitching on Pellenc carrier.
  • 2 tool holder arms equipped with universal couplings.
  • 3-point rear tractor-type couplings.
  • Hydraulic arm spacing in the row.
  • Arm height adjustment (1.10 m / 43 inch travel).
  • Automatic centring of arms.
  • Setting of rows spacing from the cab control panel.
  • Ground tracking and auto-levelling.
  • 2 hydraulic P.T.O.
  • 3 dual-acting hydraulic distributors.
  • Work two rows simultaneously and at high speed.
  • Makes it possible to do two jobs at once.

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